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Marine Biology Club
Open to all students who are eager and willing to learn more about and gain a better appreciation of the marine environment.

Marine biology is the scientific study of plants and animals that live in salt water. Information about a marine biologist  click here. The ocean provides habitat for thousands of species. Marine biology is a very broad field. This club introduces the members to careers in the marine sciences, as well as, really intriguing information about the creatures found in the ocean. We will participate in UW's Orca Bowl knowledge competition in February. Where teams in the region compete in topics like oceanography, equipment, geology, geography, physics and environment science current events from around the world.

A marine biologist can study a variety of organisms, from tiny plankton only visible under a microscope to the largest whales that are over 100 feet long. Marine biology can also include the study of different aspects of these organisms, including the behavior of animals in the ocean environment, adaptations to living in salt water.
The goal of the club is to educate members on issues in our oceans and  how we impact our environment.
MBC Officers
President: Travis Gylling
Vice President: Quinton Gasper
Treasurer: Logan Davis
Secretary: Leia Bright
Public Relations: Zoe Bright
Web Master: Jared Gomez
Historian: Clara Van Orman

​Heidi Seemiller and Adara Andonie

MBC Meeting Monday Sept 14 in Athletic conference room at 8:15-8:45. sign up for working the Freshman BBQ. (lcarolan)
Marine Biology members will set up after school on Wednesday for Frosh BBQ. See you at 3:15
 How to start a Marine Biology Club..docx
How to start a Marine Biology Club at your high school
 Marine Biology Club Roster1.docx
Marine Biology Club Roster sample
 MBC certificate[1].doc
Marine Biology Club Certificates for end of year awards.
Planning END OF THE YEAR party and elections
The club is currently working to plan the end of the year festivities.
Elections will be the same time.
Ideas were to go to the pool and swim, elections, celebrate.

Date is TBD
Next meeting March 30 in Athletic office conference room.
  • Our next meeting is this Wednesday----bring a cool fact about a marine creature to share. We will be planning the end of the year.

    F U N F A C T S from the OCEAN------------>
    The largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean, it covers around 30% of the Earth’s surface.

  • The Pacific Ocean’s name has an original meaning of ‘peaceful sea’.

  • Located to the east of the Mariana Islands in the western Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench is the deepest known area of Earth’s oceans. It has a deepest point of around 11000 metres (36000 feet).

  • The Pacific Ocean contains around 25000 different islands, many more than are found in Earth’s other oceans.

  • The Pacific Ocean is surrounded by the Pacific Ring of Fire, a large number of active volcanoes.

Next meeting in Athletic Office March 30 at lunch
Marine Biology Club meeting will be March 30 in the athletic conference room during lunch.
Bring your ideas to plan the end of the year party. Bring a cool fact about a marine creature too.

Spring is a time for water way clean ups &...
As a club we should be thinking about how to do a clean up of our water ways around the school or town.
Please bring your ideas to the next meeting.

We only have a couple more meetings. One is the officer elections. We need a strong leadership with ideas for next year. What would you like to do in this club? Recruit more leaders to join the club to make it more fun too.

End of the year party is a celebration of what we have accomplished and recognition to the students that demonstrated leadership. Should we have a pool party? just keep in swimming.....
or board games?

Bring all your ideas to the next MBC meeting in April. TBD

Photo--Blue ringed octopus found in Australian waters has the most poisonous bacteria in the blue rings. Once touched the bacteria can kill very quickly. Stay away from these octipi
THANK YOU Tina Bright for the goodie bags that you made for us on our trip to UW Orca Bowl. They were yummy, yet nutritious!!! You were thoughtful and generous to all of us. Thank you so much!

Marine Biology Team A & B
Orca Bowl Team photo 2016
Orca Bowl competition at UW Feb 27
Ellensburg High School Marine Biology Club
ORCA BOWL competition at UW
On Saturday, February 27th Ellensburg High School’s Marine Biology Club competed in ORCA Bowl at the University of Washington in Seattle. Orca Bowl is a marine-based knowledge bowl in which high school students from all over Washington test their knowledge in ocean-related physics, chemistry, geology, biology, social sciences, and technology. Ellensburg sent two teams each consisting of four competitors that were coached by Lana Carolan. After competing, the teams went to the Seattle Aquarium to interact with various sea creatures that are indigenous in the Puget Sound. This trip was a great educational experience for the Marine Biology Club of Ellensburg High School and they would like to thank Washington Sea Grant and UW’s College of the Environment for offering this program and making it happen.

Submitted by Zoe Bright Marine Biology Club Public Relations Officer

Photo by Lana Carolan EHS Marine Biology Club Advisor
Front to back- Adara Andonie, Camille Bruya, Zoe Bright, Leia Bright, Clara Van Orman, Quinton Gasper, Logan Davis, Travis Gylling.
Yearbook photo this Friday Jan 15th at 8am

FYI- the club photo will be taken on this Friday Jan 15th at 8am. Place= upstairs by boys PE locker room in front of the painted emblem. Be early we take photo at 8am....Wear your club tshirt or a an EHS shirt. See you there...let's remember in the future who all was in the club...come get your photo taken on members.

Front row: Left to right---> Heidi Seemiller, Adara Andonie, Camille Bruya, Zoe'Bright, Clara Van Orman. Back row: Quinton Gasper, Logan Davis, Leia Bright, Coach Lana Carolan, Travis Gylling...Jared Gomez not pictured :(
Orca bowl practices will be every Wed at lunch and after school until 5 pm
Please bring a snack for after school practices!!! I have been working hard on the huge packets we used from last year. Orca bowl will be here really fast!!! Feb 27th. We will leave on Feb 26th and come home on Feb 28th by 6pm.
See you Wed
Dec 8th Next Marine Biology Meeting
Lunch time in A.Conference room....please bring in your Orca Bowl registration forms before Dec 8th and put them in Ms. Carolan mailbox.
Agenda items: concession stand work schedule, social event and planning Orca bowl practices. Members wanting the club tshirt please bring in your $18 asap...orders have gone in. Hurry if you want a tshirt.
Next meeting Nov 24 in Athletic CONFERENCE ROOM
Lunch time Nov 24th in conference room....NEXT ROOM

Next meeting it tomorrow during lunch...please remember to bring your t-shirt money $20 and your dues $5 for club membership. We need to get the t-shirts ordered and back by Jan.
In addition, I need the registration forms completed and turned in by Nov 30 the day we return from Thanksgiving break. PLEASE

Nov 10th meeting Minutes
Nov 10th meeting agenda-
  • Jellyfish FUN FACTS---presented and parts of a jellyfish
  • T-shirt costs will be $21 per person...I need you to bring your money for your tshirts at next meeting Nov 24th and let me know your tshirt SIZE too.
  • Pick up TRASH this Friday Nov 13th right after school. Meet in commons to get trash bags and gloves!!! This is a half hour community service for our club.
  • MARINE SCIENCE AFLOAT FIELD TRIP in Seattle date is March 21 or March 22 during Spring Break. This will be a out of pocket expense where each wanting to go will pay the 47$ for the boat trip out on the Puget Sound.
  • Sign up to participate in ORCA Bowl contest at UW...see Ms. Carolan to sign cost to students.

SEE YOU at the next meeting Nov 24th in conference room...bring a friend.
Meetings are always the 2nd Tuesday and 4thTuesday of every month
Marine Biology Club members meet every 2nd and 4th week every month on Tuesday's at lunch (unless holidays interfere) 11:45 in the athletic Conference room--- Nov 10 and Nov 24th

Agenda items:
  1. Pay $5 dues
  2. decide ​Orca Bowl teams (8 participants only this year)
  3. Pay the t-shirt cost of $18 for short sleeves.

See you there....trivia and games next meeting!!!
Marine Biology Club dues are $5 paid in October please.
Marine Biology Club members that want to compete in Orca bowl must hold an ASB card.
In addition, Ms. Carolan is collecting the $​Dues this month.
MBC meeting Results Oct 20th
Social event is this Friday Oct 23 at Ms. Carolan's house
movie night and bring your favorite snack and come at 5:00pm.
2430 Wheaton Ct ---may need to GOGGLE map it.

Tshirt design was selected in teal, long sleeve and we will get a price quote from Mrs. Gylling as each member buys their own tshirt.

Amendment to our constitution was voted today to add, "when Environmental Science class is not offered" ,members will be allowed to participate in Orca bowl from seniority down, until filled."
Only one suburban goes over therefore only 8 participants can attend Orca Bowl.

dues will be collected at next meeting they ate $5

See you at the social event.....this Friday.
Marine Biology Meeting tomorrow Lunch Oct 20th
Bring your love for the ocean with you to the Tuesday meeting in the athletic conference room at 11:45-12:15...bring a friend and we will be collecting our dues ($5).
Talking about our social event, dues and orca competition are a few topics of interest.
Marine Biology club meeting Tuesday during lunch
Old News:Officers and positions
New Business: Set goals (3)
Discuss Orca Bowl registration is at the end of this month.
Social event & team building activity---Movie night date- Carolan's home need date set.
Marine Biology Club certificates available
To receive the MBC certificate of completion a member must have attended 80% of all meetings and completed their job duty as officer with a 'satisfaction' evaluation.Members must also have paid the $5 dues and participated in at least one community service project. You can still receive the certificate once you have completed a community service project approved by the advisor if you never participated in the service projects this year.

Certificates will be available the following year at the first meeting in the fall.You may pick them up this week or the first week of school.
Thank you for participating in the club this year. Have a safe summer.

Mrs. Carolan
Next Meeting March 16 at lunch
Meeting for Marine Biology Club has been changed to next Monday at lunch. Please meet in Athletic Conference office.
Orca bowl photos of Trip Feb 27-March 1
Marine Biology Meetings are always the first and third week (Tuesday) at 11:45-12:15
Dear Members- Please remember our club meets the first Tuesday and Third Tuesday of every month except May and June. Meeting location is the Athletic office conference room at 11:45-12:10
Bring your lunches with you. See you there!!!!
Orca bowl results at UW
Marine Biology Club did really good this last weekend. Out of 18 schools competing our team was in the top 8 for the second round of competition. Without knowing the exact point score after the second round robin single elimination we know we were in the top 7 schools. After the single elimination round it went to 4 teams and lastly it would be just two teams competing for first place. Overall our 'A' team and "B" team were strong competitors and practices prior to going did prepare them for competition questions. The trick in competing at this region knowledge bowl is not having any study guide other than knowing questions will come from 9 major subject areas of science. With this in mind the club studied a wide range of topics, concepts and current events since October.
Our members strongly suggested we invite freshmen to participate so they are involved for several years. All the seniors said they wished they could have been competing in more orca bowls. Overall a huge success as Maile Sullivan working at UW and under the Washington Sea Grant makes sure all teams leave with a bag of prizes. Washington Sea Grant paid our two night hotel stay so all of us would like to THANK them for their generosity in housing us for the weekend. We loved the behind tours at the Seattle Aquarium and banquet they provided us at the end of the day. Thank you Seattle Aquarium!!!!
Parents, thank you for the opportunity and trust in allowing me to take your young adult on this trip to Seattle for the entire weekend. Your son/daughter showed strong values and leadership skills in how they handled themselves everywhere we went. You have raised outstanding citizens and leaders for our society. They are the best of the BEST at EHS! I will always remember this trip. Thank you for allowing me these memories! Sincerely, Lana Carolan
Orca Bowl participants going to compete at UW
Team A Captain Jennifer Jackson, Travis Gylling, Abby Ernest-Beck, Erick Wilson
Team B Captain Sasha Sumner, Quinton Gasper, Logan Davis, Emma Moore, Diana Baldovinos

Good luck TEAM!!!2010 Orca Bowl
Marine Biology Club competing at UW for "Orca Bowl" Feb 28
Members of the Marine Biology Club have dedicated 2 hours each practice from October to Feb studying over ten different subject areas to compete against 18 other schools in Washington State at this regional knowledge competition. Each year, students from across the state of Washington come together for a day of friendly competition and exciting enrichment experiences at Orca Bowl, the regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl® (NOSB).
The Washington Sea Grant and Seattle Aquarium are just a few sponsors for this competition.
2010 Orca Bowl

Washington State Ocean Sciences Bowl: Orca Bowl

Orca Bowl will be held on Saturday, February 28, 2015!

Each year, students from across the state of Washington come together for a day of friendly competition and exciting enrichment experiences at Orca Bowl, the regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl® (NOSB). Orca Bowl challenges and recognizes high-school students’ knowledge of the world’s oceans. The competition lasts a full day, with teams competing in a round-robin tournament followed by a double elimination for the top teams. Students tackle questions in all areas of marine studies, including ocean-related physics, chemistry, geology, biology, social sciences, and technology. Questions are presented in multiple-choice, short-answer, and team-challenge formats that require strong problem-solving skills and close cooperation. All Orca Bowl teams receive prizes for participation. Top awards include UW Oceanography scholarships and shipboard science experiences. The event also provides opportunities for students to meet university and ocean community scientists, faculty, staff, and student volunteers. The 2015 winning team will be eligible to participate in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl finals held in Mississippi in April.

NOSB questions will integrate fundamental concepts in the following topics pertaining to the oceans, estuaries and the Great Lakes:
  • Marine Policy
  • Social Sciences (including economics, history and human interactions)
  • Technology (including instrumentation, remote sensing and navigation)
  • Current Events
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Math
  • Physics
After the competition at UW Dept of Fisheries all the participants meet at the Seattle Aquarium for a private tour and banquet to celebrate the winners. Everyone is a winner when the Washington Sea Grant and UW provide t-shirts, awards and prizes for all teams. We have participated for 4 years and it is the highlight of our year attending this competition. The Washington Sea Grant pays for our lodging because we are one of the three schools farthest away from UW. HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS!!!

General MEETING dates
Marine Biology Club meetings will be on the 1st and 3rd week of each month unless it interferes with a holiday. Then it will be rescheduled. Please check calendar for dates.

Agenda items--Orca bowl practice-set dates, discuss, goals and community service. COLLECT DUES $5. Officially, you are not a member unless the dues have been paid and you attend 80% of all meetings, with a community service project completed during the year.
Mrs. Carolan
Marine Biology Club Dues are $5
All members ---please pay your $5 dues to Sasha Sumner(Treasurer)
MOVIE night at adviser's SAT 8pm-10:30 Sept 27th
Directions are handed out at school. Txt an officer for directions if you miss the invite hand out.
Looking forward to seeing everyone...bring your fav snack...POPcorn is provided with movie.
Officers 2012-2013
Congratulations to MBC officers
2014-15 EHS school year.
President : Star Summer
Vice President: Jennifer Jackson
Treasurer: Sasha Sumner
Secretary: Misha Andrews
Public Relations bulletin/ txtn: Logan Davis
Public Relations Posters/Flyers halls: Eric Wilson & Leia Bright
Historian: Emma Moore